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Creating The Life You Want

Recharge Your Life
with Meal Prep
& Wellness Guidance

Helping working mothers find "balance" and create a system that helps them thrive.

Join The Mommunity

Welcome to Our Mom Community:

A Haven for Honest Sharing and Mutual Support

At Moms of Margin, we understand that being a mom is a remarkable journey filled with incredible triumphs and occasional challenges. We believe that every mom deserves a safe and nurturing space to openly express both their victories and frustrations, without the fear of judgment. That's why we've created this special Mom Community, where you can connect, share, and learn from the experiences of other incredible moms.

A Judgement-Free Zone

  • Embrace your authentic self without fear of judgment or criticism.

  • Share parenting wins and seek advice in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.


Glean from Successes

  • Tap into the collective wisdom of experienced moms for valuable insights.

  • Discover time-tested tips and effective strategies from fellow mothers in similar situations.

Balancing Act

  • Gain inspiration and advice from moms successfully managing both career and family life.

  • Acquire valuable tools and strategies to make your own work-life balance smoother.


Join the Conversation

  • Engage in discussions and share your unique perspective as a mom.

  • Connect with moms of diverse backgrounds and experiences, from new moms to seasoned pros.


Supportive Connections

  • Build meaningful relationships with like-minded moms who understand your journey.

  • Celebrate the joys of motherhood together and face challenges with strength and resilience.

"I just wanted to empower moms from being overwhelmed and crying in their closets."

Tiffani Thomas

Meal Prep & Wellness Solutions

Our meal prep and wellness coaching solutions are designed to help you rediscover balance in your busy life, making mealtimes a breeze while prioritizing your overall well-being. Additionally, we offer engaging speaking engagements for events, providing valuable insights and inspiration to diverse audiences. We're here to empower working moms on their journey towards success and fulfillment.

Meal Prep Masterclass


Meal Prep Masterclass

Discover the art of meal prep in our 

"Meal Prep Mastery" masterclass! 

Whether you're a kitchen novice or a 

seasoned cook, this course will teach you the secrets of efficient meal planning, grocery shopping, and time-saving techniques. 

Wellness Coaching


1-on-1 Wellness Coaching

Committed to guiding you on a path to wellness that's tailored to your unique goals and needs. Whether you're looking to manage stress, achieve your fitness objectives, maintain a balanced diet, improve your mental health, or enhance your overall quality of life, we are here to support and empower you.

Speaking Engagement


Speak at Your Event

Are you searching for a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker to captivate your audience at your next event? Look no further! Dr. Tiffani Thomas is the ideal choice to inspire, educate, and engage your attendees.

Success Stories

When I was days away from giving birth to my son, Tiffani shopped, prepped, and stored meals for us in my freezer. All my husband had to do was throw the meals in the crockpot in the morning before leaving for work and I was able to focus on my precious newborn. She may say she is providing a system, but she is really providing a peace of mind!

Allison M

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