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Why I Started Coaching

The idea began humbly – with a sole mom in need. Tiffani decided to prepare meals for her friend, who was about to go on the journey of maternity leave. The gesture not only provided nourishment but also a moment of respite, a chance to focus on the impending joys of motherhood. The impact was profound, and Tiffani realized that this small act of kindness could transform the experience for countless mothers.


Meal prepping for expecting moms, then morphed into a small group. Tiffani started gathering a small group of moms who would come together once a week to meal prep. In these gatherings, the aromas of fresh ingredients blended with laughter and camaraderie, forming a strong bond among women who understood each other's challenges intimately.

These gatherings were more than just cooking sessions; they were sanctuaries where shared stories of triumphs and tribulations created a tapestry of support.


The Moms of Margin has evolved to provide not only meal-prepping guidance but also tools for well-being. The company expanded its offerings to include coaching sessions, where moms learned to create systems that streamlined their lives. Courses were developed to empower working mothers to take control of their meal planning, giving them more precious moments to spend with their families.

Who I Help

I am here to help working mothers create systems for their homes to alleviate stressors and frustrations.

How I Do It

Working mothers can choose from completing an online master class at their own pace or one-on-one coaching with me. 

What's in It for You

Peace of Mind.

Empower Your Busy Life:
Master Meal Prep Today!

Elevate Your Well-being
Let Us Do It For You!

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